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Up to 8 hours of classes and 15 hours of social dancing

3 Ticket Types 

Full Weekend (Including classes and socials) - AVAILABLE

Full Social pass (3 nights of socials, no classes) - TBA

(Individual evening passes may be available nearer the time)

Group Booking Discount
10% off for 6-7 people, 15% off for 8+ people. Group discounts applicable to all tracks for example if only 4 people out of your group of 6 people want to take Lindy Hop classes but 2 want to do Solo Jazz, this works perfectly with 6 people group discount.
Group discount is applicable to all attendees from outside of East Sussex only.

Group discounts not available with early bird prices.

Under 25 Years Old Discount
10% off any ticket type.

Under 25yo discount not compatible with group booking discount. 

£10/hour discount from your ticket, get in touch asap.

All discounts only available on full weekend tickets.

Contact us to arrange any of the above discounts!

Early Bird ticket prices , £150per person, £260 per couple. 

Once these tickets sell out, individual tickets will increase by £20 and couples by £40 making prices £170 per person and £300 per couple. Book with a partner to save £20pp!

Early Bird tickets are now available!




Once you've registered, come back here to view and download

our updated PDF information pack before the event!


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