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Class Levels

There are four levels for the Lindy Hop dance classes, Intermediates, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced and Top and one/open level for Solo Jazz. The classes will be spread over the Saturday and Sunday and run from 11am-6pm.


Solo Jazz

Open Level Solo Jazz - This track is suitable for anyone looking to focus on their own body movement, styling and to learn quickly and progress. Classes will be progressive throughout the weekend and move onto the most challenging moves for even the most seasoned dancers! Aimed at dancers who know the Shim Sham by heart and parts of Tranky Doo/Big Apple or other styles of  solo dancing experience (Tap, Hip Hop etc.)    

(coming soon)

Lindy Hop

Please be honest with yourself when deciding which level to go for with Lindy Hop tracks as this could potentially hinder the learning experience for yourself and others in the classes. All levels of Lindy Hop will get a solo jazz class and all tracks have equal contact/teaching time.


Intermediate Level - You should be confident Leading/Following swing outs, charleston and switching between 6 and 8 count without even thinking. This is where the majority of hobby- and general social dancers belong. You are familiar with both rhythms and patterns as well as the technique that comes with it. The level will both try to improve on the execution of fairly basic material, but also provide slightly more technical and challenging material.

Int/Adv Level - You should be 100% confident social dancing with strangers. This level is for experienced dancers. We believe that students showing up at this level are confident, technically knowledgable and fairly fluent in the rhythmical language around the dance form. The material in circulation on this level will be challenging from all aspects: rhythmically, technically and tempo wise.

Advanced Level - You add styling to every social dance and like creating your own moves and variations but never forget how important your basics are! You have everything described in the Int/Adv level and will likely stand out as one of the stronger dancers in the audition.

Top Level - You are among the top 10% attending the event.

Please be aware, when signing up to a particular level, you are not automatically accepted to that level (unless booking Intermediate). Your level will ultimately be dependant on an audition that will be conducted by a selection of your teachers.

If you have never done an audition before, there is nothing to worry about, everyone will be dancing at the same time. Auditions will take place on the Saturday morning immediately before classes begin in the main hall.


If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us before booking your tickets and we can help advise which level would be most suitable. Once you have booked you will not be able to change levels unless you are told to do so in the audition.

Depending on full weekend ticket sales, social passes may become available nearer the event.

Ticket prices will increase when early bird tickets sell out. 


Don't forget to click 'Going' on the facebook event page to be notified of all announcements :)

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