Swing Dance


People often group the names 'Swing dance' and 'Lindy Hop' together and think they are the same but Lindy Hop is actually just one type of Swing dance.


Several styles of dance are under the Swing umberella; Balboa, Solo Jazz/Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Lindy Hop and Tap are a few examples of Swing Dance and although the most popular style is Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag is rapidly making a name for itself across the globe and especially here in Brighton.


JATS have regular workshops and classes in Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag and Solo Jazz/Charleston so keep an eye out for the next ones and book early, almost all of our workshops sell out in a matter of days. 

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop...as we know it.

The big daddy of swing dance, Lindy Hop, developed from Charleston. 

Danced originally by greats such as Shorty George and Twistmouth George, Lindy Hop began its life in the early 1930s at the Savoy Ballroom, Harlem, NY. It was created and developed by African Americans to make it what it is today with people dancing Lindy Hop in every corner of the earth.


Soon after its creation, Frankie Manning got his hands on it and well, the rest is history.

Frankie, for many of us, is thought of as the originator of Lindy Hop as we know it and he can be seen dancing in many films and videos including the film, Hellzapoppin, featuring Whiteys Lindy Hoppers (1941).


Lindy Hop was, and still is danced to Swing music. Original favourites being the likes of Chick Webb, Count Basie and Duke Elington, among many more. 



Like everything, Lindy Hop has changed over the years and since its revival in the early 1980s Lindy Hop has actually been around longer than when it was, back in the day. 


There are hundereds of events all over the world and everyday of the year you could be dancing in a different city or country. 


The worlds largest Swing dance event is Herräng Dance Camp, in Sweden and it runs for five weeks during the summer every year and has been going since 1982 when it was just one week long. Last year over 50 countries were represented at the event. 



After you have been dancing a few years, competitions start attracting your attention and there are many to choose from. The European Swing Dance Championships and the International Lindy Hop Championships are at the pinnacle of all the comps and below is an example of what you could expect to see from the best Lindy Hoppers of todays generation.