We believe that great music adds so much to an event and nothing beats the sounds of live music alongside original recorded tunes so we have a live band every night! Each evening the bands will also be acompanied by some recorded music from some brilliant guest DJs! Social dances will run from 8pm-midnight with a late night party on Saturday evening. 




BJORN DAHLBERG AND THE BROTHERS OF RHYTHM - Bjorn and the boys have played at JATS since the beginning and with the growth of our event, the band has also grown. We always get many compliments about them so there is no way we aren't having them back. Playing a mixture some of the best music from the Swing era, these chaps don't disappoint










PETE LONGS POCKET BASIE - With that incredible performance last year we couldn't resist to invite them back this time too! It's no secret the music of Count Basie is the favourite for many Lindy Hoppers and Pete's band give a true and passionate recreation of music from the favourite band of the Savoy.   











SAULE SAVANEVIČIŪTĖ (LT) - Saule DJ'd for us back at out summer festival and we had to ask her back! Hailing from Vilnius, a centre of the European swing dance scene, she has a great collection of groovy and rare music that we love to hear! Her drive for learning and discovering new old music is inspirational and we love that!


AMELIE TINGSNAS (SWE/FRA) - Amelie has danced and DJ'd across Europe and has a fantastically broad range of Swing music to suit all dance styles. Her ability to surprise even the best DJs in Herrang and further afield with her incredible tunes we haven't heard before gives testament to her good taste and ability to play something different whilst always complimenting the atmosphere

SAM HOLT (UK) - Sam turned his attention of Swing music as soon as he started dancing back in 2013 and when he began to teach the Lindy Hop, a deeper interest was sparked! Now you can catch Sam DJing at many events around Europe, whether it be in Herrang, Snowball, Smokey Feet, London Lindy Exchange as well as in his home scene of Gothenburg. Sam gets a real kick out of using the recorded music to play with the atmosphere in a dance hall as well as playing conscientiously around live music and has learnt this over the years from playing at his own events in the UK, Jumpin' At The Seaside. You can expect to hear recorded music from Count Basie, Jay McShann, Lester Young as well as many of the other great swing artists of the era.